By: Heidi G. Evans, SmallCapVoice

For those struggling with persistent headache or migraine, often the best relief is found from a medication, but for many, overuse of the medication itself can cause even more headaches, a condition known as rebound headache. Studies have found that a simple, externally applied mask used in conjunction with a topical pain reliever – like the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System© – may speed relief of headaches and decrease use of medications, potentially preventing the feared rebound headache.

Rebound headache is particularly dreaded by those suffering from chronic headache, and is caused by taking a medication too often, or in doses that are too large. For many chronic headache sufferers, every pill dose comes with the question, “Will this pill be the one that leads to rebound headache?” Other sufferers have no idea they may have a problem until it’s far too late.

According to the Mayo Clinic, patients using opiates may experience rebound after only eight days of use per month, and barbiturates may cause rebound after only five doses a month. Even over-the-counter medications, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can cause rebound headaches if they are over-used, to say nothing of the stomach and liver damage caused by taking excess amounts.

Also, migraine sufferers often endure nausea and vomiting that prevent them from taking or digesting pills meant to treat the headache. Sometimes they turn to an alternate delivery system, such as a shot or nasal spray, but these tend to be extremely expensive options for regular use.

In these cases, studies have found that patients can achieve better results with their pain medications – and a few may even stop using their medications – if they use a mask in conjunction with a topical ointment and rest.

In a study by Morton I. Hyson, published in 2008 in the journal Practical Pain Management, this mask/ointment combination of the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System© brought better headache relief. For patients who took their regular medication and then used the anti-inflammatory cream and the mask, 91 percent found headache relief beyond the amount of relief they typically receive from drugs alone. For most patients, it took on average less than 40 minutes for pain to be relieved. In fact, some study participants began using the mask alone to prevent headache. Unlike medications, the mask is not a systemic drug, and cannot cause rebound headache. It can be used for those suffering nausea, and even for those who are pregnant.

The mask works on three principals:

  • Cold pressure: Historically, headaches were treated by binding the head, a practice that is even mentioned in Shakespeare as a remedy for Othello’s headache. Gentle pressure is thought to compress the temporal artery as well as other facial arteries, preventing the pain of inflammation.
  • Light removed, and rest required: The mask cuts out the light entering the eyes and forces the patient to rest, both critical factors in healing. By covering the light, the patient is often relieved of one of the more common symptoms of migraine, sensitivity to light.
  • Anti-inflammatory ointment is applied: The patient applies ointment to the skin which delivers anti-inflammatory compounds from two herbal ingredients used for centuries for healing. Unlike oral medications, this ointment doesn’t travel throughout the patient’s system, but applies relief directly to the area needing aid.

The Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System© combines the mask with the topical analgesic, but the mask is particularly helpful to the patient. Stuffed with a patented corn product, the mask maintains its chilled temperature far longer than other materials on the market, providing needed chill for the 40-plus minutes required to find relief.

Most critical for those concerned with rebound headache, the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System© offers a chance to make the drugs they must take work better, allowing them to take less, and to even prevent the need for medication at all for some patients. Both factors can greatly decrease the risk of developing rebound headache. is a recognized corporate investor relations firm, with clients nationwide, known for its ability to help emerging growth companies build a following among retail and institutional investors. utilizes its stock newsletter to feature its daily stock picks, audio interviews, as well as its clients’ financial news releases. also offers individual investors all the tools they need to make informed decisions about the stocks they are interested in. Tools like stock charts, stock alerts, and Company Information Sheets can assist with investing in stocks that are traded on the OTC BB and Pink Sheets. To learn more about and their services, please visit