Rocky Mountain High Brands

Rocky Mountain High Brands has seen significant growth in 2016 that promises to continue well throughout the remainder of the year. Traded publicly under the ticker symbol RMHB, the company has partnered with Carter, Terry & Company, an investment banking firm that has been providing high-quality services since 1985. This partnership is expected to yield numerous benefits for RMHB shareholders, catapulting the company into even greater success.

The Carter, Terry & Company Partnership

According to Michael Welch, RMHB CEO and President, the company is looking forward to revealing a variety of new flavors in its natural beverage product line. With new distribution channels and an ever-changing product pipeline, the company is poised to offer consumers in the natural foods industry even more quality options. Having adequate capital is the key to being able to expand inventory and invest more in research and development. Carter, Terry & Company’s assistance will make it possible for the company to grow, improve its infrastructure and stay compliant with SEC regulations.

RMHB Products

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. is known as a consumer goods company that specializes in hemp-infused beverages for the health-conscious consumer. A product pipeline of naturally flavored hemp-based products sets RMHB apart from the competition. From pure sourced spring water to flavored beverages with hemp infusions, RMHB products offer a variety of health benefits in many different flavors. Current flavor options include Citrus Energy, Mango Energy, Lemonade and Black Tea. Products to be released in the near future include Mango Energy Shots and Mixed Berry Energy Shots.

On Aug. 28, 2016, RMHB announced its agreement with Rocky Mountain High Brands China. The distributor in Beijing will distribute the current line of RMHB products in China, allowing consumers across the world to experience the fresh taste and health benefits of hemp-infused drinks. The president of Rocky Mountain High Brands China spent months establishing her Beijing brand after a successful career in New York real estate development. This partnership is just one example of the many investors who have shown a desire to market RMHB‘s products in the Chinese market. According to Michael Welch, the partnership will allow the brand to market to a population of more than 1.3 billion people.

China has surpassed even the United States as a thriving market for natural beverages, making this partnership a great way to grow the brand in the future. Research shows that Chinese consumers have shunned carbonated sodas in favor of natural beverage alternatives, making the market ideal for a health-conscious brand such as RMHB. New beverage development is essential to success in the international natural beverage industry, which is why RMHB‘s prolific product development system is so important.

Company Growth

As RMHB continues to grow, it is taking further steps to comply with SEC guidelines. The company will soon file SEC Form 10 and has demonstrated transparency that is essential for growth in its interactions with the regulating body. Another major milestone for RMHB is the partnership with the Poafbybitty Family, LLC. The Poafbybitty family has known the secrets of ancient Comanche Eagle Spirit Spring Water for generations, and now the health benefits of this natural water are being passed on to consumers. In cooperation with the Poafbybitty family, RMHB has developed a line of natural spring water products with plans to incorporate hemp-infused spring water into the product line in the future.

RMHB founder Jerry Grisaffi has announced his excitement over the new Eagle Spirit Spring Water product line and the opportunity for growth it presents to the company and its shareholders. This high-alkaline water offers a host of toxin-fighting benefits to consumers, including an improved immune system. As Grisaffi explains, disease cannot thrive in high-alkaline conditions, so high-alkaline water is a promising new avenue in the natural health market. Today’s natural health product consumers demand real health benefits as well as great-tasting products, which makes this line even more highly anticipated.

With exciting new products, partnerships in international markets and a promising rate of growth, Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. is already changing the natural beverage industry. The Carter, Terry & Company agreement will allow RMHB to secure the necessary funding to grow its product lines in order to keep up with the increasing demand in the natural beverage market. Expanded marketing and distribution in China makes these high-quality products accessible to even more consumers. As RMHB continues to grow, the combination of structural stability and a willingness to take strategic risks by venturing into new areas of product development will help the company find even greater success.

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