Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ICNM)

Spectrum Velocity, the service delivering subsidiary of Icon Media Holdings, is poised to dominate in the wireless, telecommunications and broadcast industries in 2017. ICNM is a global technology company with diversified holdings, specializing in technical services and wireless infrastructure. As its subsidiary, Spectrum Velocity focuses on technical services for companies and consumers within the wireless industry. True to its company tagline, Spectrum Velocity provides wireless at the speed of light as well as Wi-Fi consulting and a variety of other technical services needed to succeed in the age of instant communication.

The Wireless Industry

The wireless, telecommunications and broadcasting industries are constantly growing and evolving. As consumers demand wireless convenience and functionality, businesses often struggle to replace wired systems with wireless technology. Spectrum Velocity is able to come alongside businesses to bridge the technology gap with comprehensive system integration and technology services. According to the Wireless Infrastructure Association, wireless infrastructure investment will create 1.2 million jobs and $1.2 trillion in economic development by 2018.

Spectrum Velocity

Spectrum Velocity has worked with United States government agencies such as the DoD and DHS as well as major universities and Fortune 500 companies. No matter which agency or organization Spectrum Velocity is assisting, the subsidiary delivers high-quality services that can be relied upon as that organization’s customer base continues to grow. From the earliest stages of development to system reviews and long-term maintenance solutions, Spectrum Velocity is a major player in the constantly changing landscape of the Wireless industry.

Wireless Technical Services

Building a wireless infrastructure takes time, and the process can present a variety of issues for businesses to tackle. From wireless interference to limited cellular coverage networks, it pays to work with a company that already has the solutions for common in-building issues. Spectrum Velocity works with many investors in residential and commercial construction to offer cellular technical services and general wireless technical services for their construction projects. Property owners in a variety of industries understand how important it is to have reliable wireless engineering services at hand to deal with technical issues as they arise.

Common Spectrum Velocity services include:

  • Wi-Fi Consulting
  • RF Mitigation
  • D.A.S.
  • Small Cell
  • Wireless Antenna Design

Cellular Antenna Design

Each of these services is crucial when it comes to building and maintaining a professional wireless infrastructure. Spectrum Velocity is staffed with wireless industry experts who are trained to handle all aspects of wireless consulting, from RF mitigation to overall planning. The process begins by developing a comprehensive needs assessment that helps each company find the right integrated technology solutions. Spectrum management offered through Spectrum Velocity involves a thorough survey of all RF sources on a property as well as a comprehensive plan to maintain stable RF networking services.

RF Interference Mitigation

RF mitigation is one of the most popular services offered through Spectrum Velocity. The subsidiary company offers RF interference mitigation through on-site analysis and troubleshooting for problem RF signals. This helps ensure that anyone using wireless mobile technology in the area is able to access the network without interference. For this reason, Spectrum Velocity’s services are particularly popular among building owners with tenants who require stable network access.

From public venues such as airports and sports arenas to privately owned residential complexes, Spectrum Velocity offers comprehensive services to keep its clients connected. As a subsidiary of ICNM, Spectrum Velocity has the backing and resources it needs to not only succeed but dominate in a competitive industry. The wireless industry as a whole promises to continue its current trend of unprecedented growth as more areas around the world adopt wireless technology. From individual mobile devices to office networks, Spectrum Velocity is already taking the wireless, telecommunications and broadcast industries by storm. The Spectrum Velocity team is what truly sets this company apart from the rest. With highly accessible and knowledgeable team members, businesses that choose to work with Spectrum Velocity can benefit from the infrastructure and resources of a large technology company with the personalized attention of a smaller business.

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