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Earlier this week, The CHRON Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO) announced in a press release that our wholly-owned subsidiary, Zen Technologies, Inc. entered into a partnership agreement with three of the nation’s leading hospitality groups, led by Ameristar Hospitality Group. Zen’s commercial services division has already begun site surveys on a select group of 10 hotels for the purposes of a case study on the hospitality industry.

“Based on the first few site surveys we’ve conducted, we’re estimating that we will be able to save these hotels between 30 and 40 percent of their annual utility costs,” said Zen VP of Business Development, Jeff-Bay Andersen.

Within the hospitality industry, energy efficiency may not always be a priority for hotel owners, but when they are enlightened to the money achieved through energy savings, they quickly realize the value in increased cash making it to the bottom line. Through Zen’s Zero-Cost Program™, hotel owners can realize these savings without paying any money out-of-pocket and without inconveniencing any of their guests. Our smart control solutions also work with the existing infrastructure of hotels and are minimally invasive, so the installation process would not disrupt normal daily operations. Some of the solutions Zen provides include smart thermostats, motor controls, LED lighting, refrigeration optimization and ozone-water treatments systems, to name a few.


Unlike owners of typical commercial businesses, owners in the hospitality industry cannot control how much energy is used in each individual room throughout their hotels. According to Energy Star, the average American hotel spends $2,196 per room annually on energy. A 2016 survey by energy supplier E.ON revealed that one-third of participants are less energy conscious when staying in hotels because they are not paying for it and more than half of them believe it is the responsibility of the hotel to be energy efficient.

A survey conducted by TripAdvisor, the world’s leading travel site, revealed that the “green travel trend” is gaining momentum and 71 percent of survey participants said they plan to actively plan to make eco-friendly travel decisions, such as their choice of hotel. So not only will Zen’s smart control solutions be better for the environment and decrease operating expenses, but they could also increase tourism. Furthermore, the money saved through these solutions can free up capital for hotel owners to make other improvements not normally allotted in the budget; and unlike other technology companies, we can offer these solutions to them at no cost.

Energy Star estimates that reducing energy usage by as little as 10 percent across the industry could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6 million tons. If hotel management actively promotes what they are doing in the way of sustainability to their guests, this could help establish the idea that these measures should be the new expectations for a hotel experience.

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