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NuVim,Inc. (NUVM) OTC Markets Completes Their 17th Year of Operation

NuVim,Inc. (NUVM)

NuVim, Inc. Lewes Delaware (NUVM) (OTC Markets) founded in 1999 will file their 3rd quarter 2016 financial data in November. It is not expected to substantially change their short term financial picture from the second quarter filing. However, the filing will provide a more complete view of the short term business initiatives to deliver Company growth and profit.

The NuVim second quarter filings, posted on the OTC Markets, reported that the Company reduced their $1.2 million short term debt to zero while maintaining a reasonable level of outstanding common shares at about 90 million. NuVM is authorized 120 million common and 65 million in preferred. None of the preferred has been issued. The long term debt, due in 2019, is just over a $100,000.

NuVim also stated that they are working on a product line reformulation in conjunction with medical professionals in the field, dietary experts and technical product …

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NUVM Seeks out Potential Partners and/or Joint Venture Candidates

Partnerships, joint ventures and mergers have been characterized as the most difficult enterprise in business to successfully accomplish. The Pepsi/Lipton Tea Partnerships consummated on November 12, 1991 is one that has endured a quarter century and appears will continue through the 75 year agreement. The marriage between these two giant food/beverage corporations came about for one basic reason. Lipton had the most recognized tea brand in the world and Pepsi had the US 20 billion dollar infrastructure to place ready to drink Lipton tea in cans and bottles in millions of places within the reach of every thirsty consumer.

Not all partnerships are born for the same reason but for each partner to be attracted to each other the bottom line is that there must be a unique benefit to each that they cannot accomplish alone.

NuVim, Inc. markets a dietary supplement to enhance the human immune system, provide support for bone …

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NUVM is Healthy and In the Spotlight Once Again at

The revitalization of NuVim, Inc. during the last 12 month period has resulted in the reduction of debt from $1.2 million to zero debt short term and less than $100,000 in long term friendly debt.

NuVim has emerged as a near debt free company. This debt decrease was accomplishment with just a slight increase in the number of common shares outstanding to a total of 90 million.

None of the 65 million preferred shares have been issued.

NuVim average trading is 200,000 shares per day on the OTC symbol NUVM.

On the revenue side, NuVim has begun selling three varieties of the powder mix products on Amazon and NuVim’s refurbished web-site

Going forward NuVim has engaged technical and medical professionals to reformulate their products for a planned introduction later this year.

The Board of Directors team and internal/external resources remain committed to the NuVim re-launch.

The new products will encompass vitality enhancement with ingredients to support …

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