SharkReach, Inc.  (SHRK)

Steve Smith, CEO & Founder of SharkReach, Inc. (OTC SHRK) called in to, Inc. to go over his Company’s exciting story, business lines and markets. SharkReach is a Disruptive Millennial Media Company that combines the strength of an Influencer Owned Network with Proprietary Technology for creating, posting, managing and monitoring Branded Sharable Content.

What sets SharkReach apart from other companies in the marketplace is that its Influencers (both grass roots individuals and Celebrities) can also become its shareholders… and that its network has a larger market reach than the top 5 television networkscombined!

20,000+ Influencers… with 500+ million Followers… with 200+ million Likes & Shares… produces an Aggregate Reach of 2.9 billion.

SharkReach as one of the first companies in this space is the established leader in Influencer Marketing. It presently has the largest footprint, and plans to further enlarge its market share through various acquisitions. It has shown that is has …

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