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New Technology, New Vision, New Focus: What Sets Vemanti Apart

Vemanti (Pink Sheets: VMNT) is a public company that was founded on looking toward the future of technology, which is why we’ve set our sights on investments in the blockchain technology space. With a number of projects already underway, it’s an exciting time to be getting in on the ground floor of this game-changing innovation. Learn more about how we’re shaking up the status quo and what makes us different from our competitors.

Why the Blockchain?

The blockchain technology is the driving force behind famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This distributed ledger keeps a record of every transaction and it’s practically eliminated the chances of fraud or human error. While digital currency may spark a controversial response depending on who’s doing the talking, the blockchain has been universally praised by everyone from government officials to CEOs of big banks. Vemanti saw the potential of the blockchain long …

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SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. and, Inc. have Developed a Fintech Accelerator Format to Showcase ISV Partners,,, TouchPeak Software &

AUSTIN, TX, May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG) & announced today that they have developed a Fintech Accelerator format to showcase ISV Partners,,, TouckPeak Software & All of the interviews and information will be housed here

Gary Repchuk of VeritasPay called in from the RBTE event in London, UK that they are attending with SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (OTC: SMKG). They are there to kick-off for the platform which will be showcased at the RBTE event. VeritasPay is a Philippine based development company which specializes in Payment Card Industry Certified Mobile Payment/Point of Sale software solutions designed for use with smartphones, tablets, web terminals and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant banks & processing companies. VeritasPay offers the highest number of mPOS solutions in the industry, and can deliver a selection of industry specific and custom payments solutions and services. …

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Huge Sales Potential in Providing Smart Home and Energy Services to the Multiple Dwelling Unit Markets


Hotels have long been a major source of income for anyone that owns or operates them. That being said, they are also a major drain when it comes to the expenses needed to keep them running and operating properly. Recently, Zen Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The CHRON Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO), announced that it has entered into the first stage of a partnership agreement with three of the largest hotel franchisers in the nation led by Ameristar Hospitality Group, which is based in Houston. The partnership represents more than 300 hotels collectively owned between the three groups.

What is a Multiple Dwelling Unit?

When it comes to any term, it is always going to be best to first define it before trying to understand its impact. A multiple dwelling unit, put quite simply, is any building that houses more than one unit that is meant for private dwelling …

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Sustainability and the Future of the Hospitality Industry

Chron Organization (CHRO)

Earlier this week, The CHRON Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO) announced in a press release that our wholly-owned subsidiary, Zen Technologies, Inc. entered into a partnership agreement with three of the nation’s leading hospitality groups, led by Ameristar Hospitality Group. Zen’s commercial services division has already begun site surveys on a select group of 10 hotels for the purposes of a case study on the hospitality industry.

“Based on the first few site surveys we’ve conducted, we’re estimating that we will be able to save these hotels between 30 and 40 percent of their annual utility costs,” said Zen VP of Business Development, Jeff-Bay Andersen.

Within the hospitality industry, energy efficiency may not always be a priority for hotel owners, but when they are enlightened to the money achieved through energy savings, they quickly realize the value in increased cash making it to the bottom line. Through Zen’s Zero-Cost Program™, …

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Exciting New Investment Opportunity with Blue Marble Biomaterials

In interviews with host Stuart T. Smith of listeners were educated about a relatively new company called Blue Marble Biomaterials. Colby Underwood, Co-Chief Executive Officer / Chief Business Officer of Blue Marble Biomaterials talked about the company’s markets and their most exciting technologies that investors might want to pay attention to.

Blue Marble Biomaterials started in 2006 by answering the question, “How can we capitalize on biomass?”. To put it another way, the company noticed that other companies around the world treated their biomass, which is the resulting byproduct of producing a product, as waste. However, the guys at Blue Marble Biomaterials saw biomass as a way to not only generate revenues, but to offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum based ingredients that consumers find in many products, such as food additives and fragrances. They do this by using the biomass (waste) produced from other companies to create clean, …

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Icon Media Holdings Inc. to Expand Investor Relations Activities in 2017 and Enter into Agreement with Caduceus Software


The wireless market is ever expanding and recently Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ICNM) has announced that they will be vastly expanding their investor relations during the year of 2017. Icon Media Holdings, Inc. is one of the leading global technology companies that specialize in technical services that serve the wireless and cellular industries. Though investor relations have always been of the highest importance to the company, they are now seeking to create an even more robust communication between the company and any potential investors and current investors.

What Does Icon Media Holdings, Inc. Do?

It is important that when considering any major announcement such as this that we consider just what the company does on a daily basis to better grasp what these changes mean. Icon Media Holdings, Inc. is currently one of the leading companies in the country that works to provide cellular technical services, wireless antenna …

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