Urban agriculturists have new opportunities with the release of Terra Tech’s new Bloom Room. Whether aiming to grow medical marijuana or an edible garden, the “Bloom Room” offers a self-contained, mobile, hydroponic growing plug and play solution, complete with all the equipment needed to start growing.

Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech, says, “Hydroponics allows us to grow vertically in urban settings where we cut down our carbon footprint, reduce the risk of contaminating produce and deliver a fresher longer lasting product to our retail partners.” Peterson explains that each year the world has less and less land that is suitable for farming. He sees a population that relies on “sub par produce.” The Bloom Room could allow urban environments and otherwise un-farmable areas a realistic alternative to the traditional soil and sun garden.

Urban Agriculturalists Are in Luck with the Bloom Room
The Bloom Room is essentially a 34′ 3-axle mobile car trailer with a complete plug and play grow room hiding on the inside. The unit includes all the equipment necessary for a full-scale operation cultivating high-grade medical cannabis. The self-contained unit has been configured with 16 high pressure sodium lights (HPS lights), digital ballasts, a carbon filtration system to regulate the odor, and fire suppression systems. They have even included a fully automated control system that allows for monitoring the facility directly from a smart phone. “All the grower needs is electricity and power and he is up and running the day he receives the unit.” explains Eddie Piatt, Chief Designer of the Bloom Room. Terra Tech has struck gold. The Bloom Room defines the future of urban gardening, as well as small operation marijuana growth.

Legalized Marijuana More Popular Than Ever
Following in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington, states which legalized the use of medical marijuana in 2012, more and more states are generating legalizing legislation. In early January 2013, the Blaine County Republican Central Committee in Idaho passed a resolution to support a proposed policy that would legalize marijuana. Several influential Hawaii lawmakers are pushing to legalize marijuana in the Aloha State and not simply for medicinal uses. A recent bill, introduced by House Speaker Joseph Souki and House Majority Leader Scott Saiki, both Democrats, would make the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana by people aged 21 years and older completely legal. In addition, even more states are jumping on the bandwagon and creating legislation to legalize marijuana.

The Industry Grows
As legalization of marijuana takes over the United States, the potential popularity of the Bloom Room astounds. Because the unit comes self-contained and ready to go, practically anyone can have their own hydroponic garden, providing them with their own supply of locally-grown, high-grade marijuana. The National Cannabis Industry Association estimates that the medical marijuana industry in Colorado is responsible for nearly $200 million of sales over the past two years.

As the medical marijuana industry continues to expand, the consumer interest in healthy, non-GMO, pesticide-free, locally-grown produce also grows stronger. As information about food becomes more available, many people are taking things into their own hands and growing their own food. However, people living in urban communities struggle with a shortage of available green space, especially for food-producing gardens.

Urban Gardens Made Possible with Bloom Room
Fortunately, Terra Tech’s Bloom Room could change the landscape of urban gardening both figuratively and literally. With a base price starting at $42,000, this may not be an affordable option for everyone, but for small businesses, entrepreneurs and many families, especially those in more urban areas, the Bloom Room could change how they source their healthy produce.

Healthy Produce in High Demand
More than ever before, the world is facing a growing food supply problem. According to a recent report by the USDA, the 2011 U.S. trade deficit of $6.2 billion in fresh produce will swell to $10.7 billion in the next ten years. An estimated 25% of our nations fresh produce supply will be imported by the year 2021. Imports hurt local economies and put the population at risk for food borne illnesses as well as other possible food hazards.

With companies like Terra Tech investing so heavily in medical marijuana and hydroponic gardening industries, both cannabis cultivators and food producers benefit.

Terra Tech Acquires GroRite
Terra Tech recently announced they have signed a letter of intent to purchase GroRite, one of New Jersey’s largest gardening super centers, with two locations totaling more than 10 acres consisting of various purposes including retail gardening center, hydroponic cultivation facility and plant nursery. GroRite is a second generation family company with over three generations and 120 years of farming experience.

Terra Tech Helps Establish an Industry

Terra Tech also recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire a 116-acre hydroponic farming operation called NB Plants, which grows ornamental flowers as well as a line of hydroponically grown herbs and vegetables including basil, oregano, parsley and lettuce under the brand Edible Garden, available at over 120 major grocery store chains throughout the North East like Food Emporium and Shoprite. The urban farm supporting the local brand Edible Garden yields sustainably grown produce and has over three generation of greenhouse farming experience.

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