The internet has long been used for a plethora of uses and now the Internet of Things is well upon us. The use of the internet to do just about anything you can imagine, including smart technologies that help make our everyday simpler, has allowed for massive expansion for both our Company and our wholly-owned subsidiary, Zen Technologies, Inc., in the form of a partnership with the Oklahoma Grocers Association (OGA).

We at CHRON (CHRO) have long been dedicated to entrepreneurial pursuits and works to empower all of our subsidiaries and help them achieve success to the fullest extent.

What is Zen Technologies?

Zen Technologies, Inc. is a 21st century home technology company that works to provide innovative and cutting edge technologies in home automation to help make life simpler. Zen provides a concierge solution for each customer that is tailored to their needs including home automation, security and even energy services. Zen is working to bring the average consumer home into the new era of the smart grid with a bang, as well as helping business owners evolve through the Company’s commercial services division. Zen works not only help to customize and innovate within the home, but also save customers money each month with green energy solutions.

The Partnership

Members of Zen’s management team have been in talks with the OGA since December, but only announced the partnership recently. This partnership is not only great news for ourselves and Zen, but also helps revolutionize the supermarket industry. On average, grocery stores cost more than $4 per square foot to keep running to both the comfort standards of customers and legal regulations that have been set, making energy costs are the largest portion of operating expenses for grocery stores across the country.

“We’re so excited about this deal because grocery stores benefit from these savings more than almost any other industry, and on top of that, Oklahoma regulates energy so business owners are always looking for new energy solutions,” Zen’s VP of Business Operations Jeff Bay-Anderson said. “Additionally, through the OGA we are connected to the National Grocers Association and plan to take this program nationwide.”

Additionally, business owners are able to take advantage of these solutions while paying nothing out-of-pocket through Zen’s Zero-Cost Program™.

What is the Zen Zero-Cost Program™?

The Zero-Cost program™ was created to allow commercial business owners the opportunity to reduce their operating expenses, while incurring no new liabilities or cost upfront as the equipment is paid for through a portion of the savings achieved each month over a five-year term. It is a financial tool that business owners and decision makers can use to retrofit their businesses to the latest technology, help achieve sustainability goals and increase their net operating income. Essentially, this means that the grocery stores are getting the maximum benefit without needing to spend a great deal on start up. With the upgrades being no cost to the business owner, money can be spent in other areas that encourage improvement and change.

So Why Is This Important?

The market is no longer what it used to be. The wireless industry is booming, generating a massive $4.83 billion in 2015 alone. This means that the market for technology is changing across the board, not just for residential homes. Though the concept of a grocery store has been the same for hundreds of years, it is essential for grocery stores and similar markets to evolve and adapt to survive.

The market is constantly changing, meaning technology that is innovative one day could easily be bumped off the next day, which is another reason it is so crucial for grocery stores and similar markets to get on board with an innovative company like Zen Technologies. Zen is working to help change the face of what we know and what has become stagnant.

Grocery stores and similar markets are in great need of upgrading and this is a perfect first step that will take these stores into a new age where technology is king and the times are certainly changing. The partnership will encourage the grocery stores to take part in the program, as well as help with the transition. Though the partnership is still young, it holds worlds of promise for those that are ready to take the step and start this new journey of innovation.

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