The Pulse Network Inc.

The Pulse Network Inc. is one of the world’s leaders in digital marketing. The main drive of TPNI is providing a cloud-based platform that does everything from increasing lead generation to driving social media marketing campaigns. Their work is tailored to huge clients that are Fortune 500 companies as well as to small companies just getting started. They are at the forefront of online marketing engagement as well as innovators when it comes to extremely specific campaigns like creating a web series for a client. Recently the Pulse Network Inc. continued on their path of being a pioneer in the online marketing space by acquiring You Everywhere Now, Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser. The group as a whole is referred to as ICTG, and this acquisition will have a huge positive impact on The Pulse Network Inc.

Stephen Saber, the Chief Executive Officer of The Pulse Network explained in a recent interview that what is so exciting about the recent acquisition of ICTG is that it allows for the Pulse Network to have a new platform that is tailored to smaller businesses or even an individual. With the already large Fortune 500 client base that TPNI has with leaders like SAP, the company has acquired You Everywhere Now, Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser specifically to aid in acquiring the entire range of company sizes. This opens up a large market that TPNI did not previously have a foothold in. With over 1,000 customers already using the ICTG platform The Pulse Network has already greatly increased its sphere of influence by now being able to more appropriately provide training and education for lead generation, business increase, and event management for small businesses.

Another benefit of the acquisition is that it will bring in a leader in online advertisement that has a considerable influence on businesses on the west coast. That person is Mike Koenigs, CEO of You Everywhere Now and Instant Customer. Stephen Saber is thrilled to have Koenigs on board believing that his presence will further expand their reach on the west coast to the point that it compares to the strong hold that the Pulse Network has on the east coast. Koenigs has a large group of west coast businesses already on board with his business tactics and philosophy and bringing those businesses into the TNPI network will be huge for the company.

Taking a more in depth look on the acquired assets helps shed some light on just how big this can all be for the revenue of TPNI. Instant Customer provides a fantastic integration system for online marketing campaigns that link the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The acquisition of Traffic Geyser gives The Pulse Network Inc. online software that expertly distributes online video traffic that can boost online visibility and presence. This will create an unbelievable amount of synergy that will lead to better educational materials to provide all kinds of businesses in the areas of lead generation and online marketing. The first rate service that the Pulse Network already provides will get even better as strategies and systems of the acquired companies are integrated by TPNI.

The Pulse Network’s revenue had already been projected to increase for 2015. The quickest growth opportunities for marketing companies continue to be on the Internet. Having an established reputation in such a rapidly growing industry can only serve a company well as it continues to expand. As social networks increase their user base and brands need to expand their online reach, the need for services that are specifically provided by the Pulse Network will continue to grow. This is a recipe for growth for any company. However, the recent acquisition of You Everywhere Now, Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser will allow The Pulse Network Inc. to exceed their already lofty profit goals. As previously mentioned, the acquisition allows for the expansion of the companies goals in two very dramatic ways. The ability to cater to small businesses, as well as huge companies, will now mean that any company can benefit from the marketing services provided by TPNI. Instantly the potential client base has increased exponentially allowing for the possibility of a large increase in revenue. The second way the merger will help the company’s expansion is by increasing influence to west coast businesses thanks to the expertise of Mike Koenigs. A larger presence on the west coast in a thriving startup market can lead to bigger inroads and increases in clients. The recent acquisition of You Everywhere Now, Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser by The Pulse Network Inc. all but assures an incredibly exceptional year with the potential of rising profits for TPNI.