The Chron Organization (CHRO)

Alex Rodriguez, President of CHRON, recently called in to, Inc. to explain his company’s dynamic business model and the future of its success. The Chron Organization, traded publicly under the ticker symbol CHRO, is an incubator company that was designed by Mr. Rodriguez and his partner, Byron Young. The company works to develop a portfolio of businesses through its incubation strategy, sound advisement and transparency with investors. With targeted investment interests, such as Smart Home technology, Internet of Things platforms and energy efficiency, the company is active in some of the most exciting and promising markets in the world.

CHRON Outlook and Organization

CHRON is a unique company that puts the focus on empowering businesses that inspire the world. CHRON’s first portfolio company is Zen Home Services, a Smart Home service provider that will soon go live on the national market.


Both Rodriguez and Young have strong backgrounds in the deregulated energy space. Rodriguez has worked on the development of deregulated energy companies since 2001, and he and Young both own the Retail Electric Provider in Fort Worth, Texas. Both company leaders also have a background in software companies and wireless technology, making them highly qualified for their recent technology endeavors. Rodriguez led the first deregulated energy company to work with a network marketing model that produced just under $1 billion in its fourth year on the market.

The Future of CHRON

As CHRON grows, it will be able to offer Smart Home services through Zen in 47 different states. With a strong business model in place and extensive experience among its leadership, the company will have an easier time replicating its success across the United States. Two major milestones for the company in recent years include completing successful audits for 2014 and 2015 and the development of the Zen platform. 2016 was another year of significant accomplishment for the company as it has already begun to generate revenue through Zen Home Services. Rodriguez announced plans to take Zen from the pre-launch stage to full operation in 2017. The company has recently entered into an LOI with a marketing channel that connects it to tens of thousands of sales representatives. This channel is scheduled for launch on Feb. 1, 2017 alongside a partnership with a prominent Internet marketing company. This partnership is expected to bring thousands of customers to CHRON each month, making the current testing stage even more crucial.

Once the Zen platform goes live in February, Rodriguez anticipates continued growth throughout 2017. The company also plans to develop its own intellectual property and technology, expanding from the marketing sphere. Rather than white-labeling existing platforms, CHRON is already in discussions with partners that will help it develop its own platforms to become a technology company as well as a service provider. CHRON is also working on an up list for 2017 to secure additional funding for the future. The company’s founders plan to be cash flow positive within the first six months of launch thanks to help from investors and a solid business model.

Sales and Zen Home Services

With five planned distribution channels, CHRON can incorporate face-to-face product marketing and Internet marketing in a seamless way. Direct sales associates become active customers who can explain how the technology works through their own experiences. This is a powerful marketing technique that separates the CHRON portfolio from others on the market. An example of the innovative technology being offered through Zen Home Services is a home security monitoring system that allows for remote home surveillance that sells itself. The longevity of Zen’s home security products also allows its representatives to develop strong long-term relationships with consumers. Intuitive technology, a powerful base of customer testimonials and a dynamic marketing structure have all contributed to CHRON’s current success and help lay the foundation for a promising future.

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