Icon Media Holdings (ICNM)

Icon Media Holdings (ICNM) is a dynamic technology company with a focus on making better networking accessible to the world. The company had a successful 2016 and has bright prospects at the beginning of 2017 in an industry experiencing explosive growth. ICNM offers infrastructure and services through Spectrum Velocity, which is changing the wireless industry as a whole. The company’s recent agreement with the Caduceus Software Systems Corporation illustrates the nature of inter-organizational cooperation that is changing the landscape of the wireless industry.

The State of the Wireless Industry in 2017

Global reach is the name of the game when it comes to 2017 goals for the world’s largest wireless companies. Per a recent industry study on global wireless infrastructure, mobile apps will generate a staggering $37 billion in revenue by 2019. Mobile apps have dominated the technology industry in recent years, and the market promises to keep growing exponentially. The study illustrates the forward motion in the wireless technology industry and the growing demand for solutions to problems that arise with that technology. By the year 2019, it is anticipated that there will be a user base of 8.5 billion for smartphone technology alone.

To understand this unprecedented industry growth and how it fits into the long-term plans of Icon Media Holdings, it is necessary to understand the consumer base for wireless technology. Many mobile users actually have more than one smartphone, with many choosing to use separate phones for work applications and personal use. The variety of applications available on different smartphone platforms offers nearly unlimited options to consumers, but a customer base that significant requires reliable infrastructure. Wireless infrastructure markets hit an impressive $58 billion in 2012, but the market is expected to more than double to $163 by 2019. As more wireless products reach the global market, there is even greater demand for sophisticated infrastructure and technology services to support those devices.

Wireless Infrastructure

With the worldwide prevalence of the Internet comes increased connectivity. Consumers are demanding more out of their devices each year, and chief among those demands is the ability to connect digital products seamlessly. This is not always a straightforward process, and the technology services offered through companies like ICNM give consumers the reliable network performance they need to make the fullest use of their connected devices. A report by Bain & Co. estimates that the market for loT will reach $470 billion on its own by 2020. This growth provides the opportunity for Caduceus and Icon Media Holdings to collaborate in a meaningful way that offers new solutions to consumers in a constantly evolving market.

The Partnership Between Caduceus and ICNM

The joint venture agreement between Icon Media Holdings and the Caduceus Software Systems Corporation means that both companies will share the intellectual property created in the partnership. According to ICNM CEO Rob Deakin, the partnership is expected to create "software products that will benefit our subsidiary Spectrum Velocity as well as other companies in the wireless industry." This statement illustrates the cooperative outlook of many businesses within the wireless industry, which is fitting in a technology sphere that exists to improve communications between people and organizations.

Caduceus will be offering its comprehensive hardware and software services to Icon Media as well as its staff expertise. The partnership will address issues common to wireless systems, such as redundancy, uptime and concurrency. By merging efforts, Caduceus and Icon Media are able to benefit from the strengths of each organization, offering even more high-quality services to consumers. For example, Caduceus specializes in hardware logistics and software, while ICNM specializes in infrastructure services and technical assistance for companies around the world. With complementary services such as these, the partnership will expand the customer bases of both companies.

The wireless industry is growing at a rapid rate as more consumers around the world adopt smartphone technology. Those devices create a high level of demand for infrastructure and networking solutions, which ICNM and its partner, Caduceus, are eager to provide. As the market continues to expand, wireless consumers and enterprise clients alike can expect to benefit from innovative technology that addresses challenges such as redundancy and poor coverage, making connectivity a possibility for all.

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