Rumored Walmart Deal Adds Value and More to the Progressive Care Approach

Walmart is rumored to be going after PillPack, a start-up company that bundles pills together into convenient pouches for easy access and use. Patients are increasingly turning to convenience packaging because it allows them to know exactly what they’re supposed to take and when. PillPack is an online pharmacy offering at-home delivery, providing even more
Read More » The Social Media App that Protects User Privacy

While social media is an ever growing industry, recent revelations about data selling have shaken things up for one of the biggest platforms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has issued public apologies to Facebook users in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the heart of the scandal is the discovery that Facebook sold inappropriately obtained
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Who Can Benefit from the New Social Media Platform From is a new open platform service that helps businesses, professionals, and individuals alike reach their target audience. In today’s world, everyone knows that content is king, which means everyone is creating more and more content – most of which is never seen or read. But makes it possible for users to find a
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Who is Truly Making and Serving Clean, Healthy Food?

There isn’t a lot of regulation today when it comes to how foods are labeled to the general public. Yes, they have to include calorie counts and ingredients of course, but they don’t necessarily have to account for the impression they give consumers about the healthiness of their product. They may tell people that a
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RXMD Planning to Acquire Pharmacy in Palm Beach County

Progressive Care Inc. (OTC QB: RXMD) has been moving at lightning speed in the past few months as their revenue has ramped up and their leadership has solidified their goals. The company is using this momentum to strike while the iron is hot. Recently, they’ve taken the next step to buy a pharmacy in Palm
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