Oncolix, Inc. (ONCX) Continues to Impress by Reaching Important Milestones

The strength of a company isn’t found in the words they use to describe themselves, but in the everyday actions and accomplishments the company makes as it pushes forward. Oncolix (ONCX) is a biotechnology company developing a therapeutic protein that has managed to catch some major attention from regulators and investors alike. Its preliminary tests have already shown the signs of success to treat cervical, breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers. While the company has recently undergone some restructuring, their mission forward is clearer than ever before.

A Fresh Start

The company recently changed its stock symbol, began trading, and announced its intent to hit NASDAQ with a splash. CEO Michael Redman has gone to great lengths to bring unity to the company, so everyone is on the same page as the company prepares for its next steps. By shifting focus to their most promising development, Prolanta™, they hope to achieve global success in cancer treatment. Prolanta™ works to counteract the adverse effects of prolactin, an overexpressed hormone in those with ovarian, breast, and cervical cancers. By reducing the amount of the hormone, the drug is intended to shrink tumors. Redman is adding new independent members to his team, as well as an advisory board comprised of experts to ensure that Prolanta™ aces all clinical trials with flying colors.

Evidence-Based Success

One of the biggest reasons why Prolanta™ is being singled out by Oncolix is because of its initial studies and its lack of adverse side effects. There’s been evidence that suggests Prolanta™ may be able to reduce the tumors of women with reproductive-related tumors — even those who have late-stage cancer. Typically those with advanced cancer will not respond to any treatments, but Prolanta™ has already shown promise when it comes to treating tumors of all sizes. For the millions of people suffering from these types of cancer, it offers not only cautious optimism but hope toward easier and more effective treatments.

Orphan Drug Approval

Prolanta™ has already been given Orphan Drug status by the FDA. Orphan Drugs enjoy a number of different privileges because they treat diseases that may not have the same public support as other conditions. By being granted this consideration, Oncolix may save up to $2 million in filing fees. It also makes Oncolix eligible for tax credits and gives them an exclusive hold on the market. This status not only gives them more money to put toward research and development, it also means there’s more money to put toward investment. The communication from the top down has been honest and transparent about every milestone and achievement, making investors eager to see what comes next. Redman is confident that he can build company infrastructure to meet all OTC-QB requirements sooner rather than later.

Stage of the Game

Right now, Prolanta™ is in Phase I stage of developments. It’s targeted for those with breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers, though it may be able to help additional types of cancer (e.g., prostate, etc.) It’s already received an IND from the FDA, meaning the experimental drug can now be shipped across state lines. It’s also been approved to be tested on women with ovarian cancer, which will provide further evidence beyond animal studies in the treatment of human cancers. Prolanta™ uses a process called autophagy, which is a way to target and kill cancer cells. The process is so precise that it coaxes the cancer cells to self-destruct without necessarily harming the surrounding healthy cells.

Global Reach

Oncolix is confident that Prolanta™ can be used everywhere so that all people can get the relief they need. The company is planning to get license rights for Prolanta™ to be sold in the Asian markets by seeking out Japanese and Chinese investment partners. They will be targeting the European market as well for an even greater reach. Prolanta™ currently shows no adverse effects, which is an obvious advantage when it comes to cancer treatment options. The protein works by regulating the amount of prolactin in the patient, which is typically found in high quantities for women with reproductive-related cancers.

While it’s clear that Prolanta™ is the star of the show, Oncolix is also looking into acquiring a number of other drug candidates for the future. Their focus is still in the oncology specialty, though they may branch out based on promising evidence of other therapies and treatments. Based on the milestones already achieved, it seems clear that the company has a bright future.

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