Who Is Findit, Inc. and Why is the App from Findit.com a Game Changer?

With social media only continuing to grow, it’s clear that new players have opportunities to make their mark – even when the competition remains as tight as ever. Findit Inc (Pink Sheets: FDIT), owner of Findit.com, has created in Findit.com a new social networking app that’s gone through several development stages to make it what it is today. While the latest update has not yet been released, it would behoove investors to learn more about their plans to help billions of users organize their social media strategies as well as how they’re going to monetize their platform.

Personal Users

With all the controversy and criticism of social media today, users are looking for sites that align with their values. While it’s notoriously difficult to get people to switch platforms at times, users are open to the idea of trying something new that speaks to them – and that’s exactly what Findit.com is developing. When it comes to social media, those using the platforms for personal needs may want to share their content with as many people as possible while others want an extreme amount of privacy. Users want a site that isn’t going to push their political or business agenda on them whether they agree or not. They want a site like Findit.com that can easily offer these benefits while optimizing each piece of content they share.

Commercial Interests

While Findit.com offers their app for everyone, their real specialty is likely to be found with commercial interests. In addition to offering website building and general internet marketing strategies, they’re also going to make it easier for businesses to find more customers. The main monetizing strategies for Findit include indexing content so there’s a better chance for businesses to connect. From press releases to general advertising, commercial social media users have more effective options share their efforts. Of course, this isn’t just a matter of blasting the general public with ads, but of determining where and how different audiences are within the virtual universe — whether they happen to be fellow Findit.com users or not. Findit.com allows commercial parties to cross-promote across the internet, including more traditional social media sites.

Why It Works

Peter Tosto is the Marketing Director of Findit, Inc., and he has his analogies down pat when it comes to allaying the fears of the skeptics. Findit isn’t supposed to be for one particular purpose, but a general place to browse and learn more about relevant opportunities to the user. They may come to Findit just to check out the site itself, and before they know it, they’ve discovered two new local businesses in their area that they would never have known about before. Much like a shopping mall, Findit gives users a hands-off experience where they can find something they may not have even realized they needed it. The key is that Findit is set up differently so that users truly feel like they’re controlling the browsing experience (as opposed to having another social media site shoving its agenda down their throats.)

Leadership Team

Findit is built with developers like Company president Raymond Firth and marketers like Peter Tosto with a long list of accomplishments in their various marketing and technical backgrounds. The diversity of the team comes together to form a cohesive unit that’s constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience. Together they design and strategize the major concepts for the app, but they are fully supported by an experienced team that knows their stuff. When it comes to new sites like this, the initial app download can be impressive. Whether people are idly downloading or not, it could potentially garner millions from the start. When it comes to interacting and engaging with the platform, these numbers will be built on the strength of Findit’s app. Considering their dedication and commitment, the future looks bright for this new platform.

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